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An ultra-hydrating conditioner that delivers a surge of hydration without weighing hair down. This will revitalize and soften locks while detangling and leaves the hair with brilliant shine.

Who’s it for? Particularly beneficial for those seeking to revive moisture-deprived strands and those in need of more manageability. Designed for all hair types. Extends the integrity of extensions.

When to use it: Safe for everyday but recommended for 3x times a week after Goldie Locks® shampoo

How to use it: A proper application is to replenish the mid strand through ends and wait up to three minutes before rinsing with a cooler temperature water. Apply after Goldie Locks® shampoo.

pH: 5.0 - 6.0

Free Of’s: Animal derived ingredients, SULFATES • PARABENS • PHTHALATES • GLUTEN • DMDMH

What it does:

Quench hydration

Softens hair


Mends split ends

Protects against damage

Signature Conditioner

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