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Welcome to Lena Shkreli & Company! 

The Highest Beauty

We prioritize quality over quantity, advance techniques, quality products that really work, a beautiful atmosphere, and of course - YOU! Come & embrace our warm, inviting and energetic culture, where we strive to always go above your expectations to meet your beauty goals ​and also create everlasting friendships. At Lena Shkreli & Company, we are determined to give you an experience that will have you leave feeling uplifted and inspired -- the highest beauty.

Fun Fact:

Lena Shkreli & Company started as a freelance bridal hair and makeup in 2008. That's over a decade of making brides look and feel beautiful! On November 25, 2014, our studio doors opened in Rochester, MI, allowing us to make women look and feel beautiful every day! We were able to effortlessly merge two different areas of the beauty industry into one studio. Are you ready to book an appointment and let us create your higher beauty? Click here.

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