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A mask that protects the hair fiber from new metal particles and provides softness and nourishment to the hair.• Protects the hair fiber from new metal particles.• Provides softness and nourishment• Provides 87% less breakage.• Delivers 100% reliablle color results.• Is compatible with all lightener & hair color brands.• More than 93% of color is preserved against UV exposure.**instrumental test after Metal Detox Shampoo & Mask up to next shampoo after 40h of UV exposureEveryone has metals in their hair.• The cause: Metals erode in our pipes, mixing with our water and ultimately accumulating inside the hair fiber.• The consequences: When metal particles mix with hair color and lightener oxidants, they can lead to unreliable color results and breakage.• The solution: Metal Detox.

Metal Detox Mask 8.5 oz

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