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Detox your scalp and strands with alternating use. This deep cleansing formula removes excess build-up, oil, and impurities while balancing your hair’s natural pH. Reset your scalp, revive your shine, remove residue, and improve softness all with just one wash.

Who’s it for? Build up, flakes, dry and dull, lifeless looking hair.

When to use it: Recommend use as an alternating shampoo or as needed in a weekly or monthly scalp detox

How to use it: A proper application is directly on the scalp and near the new growth. Massage, lather then rinse thoroughly before applying Goldie Locks® Signature Conditioner.

pH: 5.0 - 6.0

Free Of’s: Animal derived ingredients, SULFATES • PARABENS • PHTHALATES • GLUTEN • DMDMH

What it does:

Deeper cleanse

Invigorates scalp

Rebalances pH

Absorbs excess oil

Removes product build-up

Restores shine

Improves manageability and softness

Does not leave hair feeling dry or brittle

Clarifying "Detox" Shampoo

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