Woman with Protective Mask

Covid-19 Updates:

What to expect during an appointment at Lena Shkreli & Company?

Some of these rules/procedures may seem excessive or odd to you but we ask you to please be patient and kind with us! These rules/procedures are set by the State of Michigan. Since we are licensed through the State, we will be complying with all state ordered rules. If we don't comply, we could run the risk of heavy fines and losing our licenses. Client and staff safety is and will always be a priority at Lena Shkreli & Company! 

1. Starting June 1, 2021: Masks will be optional for vaccinated guests. Some of our staff will choose to continue to wear a mask,

some will not. Some of guests will choose to wear a mask, some will not.


We understand everyone has deep personal belief’s guiding these decisions. We respect everyone’s choice. We will remain a judgement free environment.


Here at Lena Shkreli & Company, we will not ask our guests to disclose their vaccination status. We ask that our guests respect our employees personal and private health choices. We ask that our guests respect other guests, in the salon. This discussion will not be allowed. No exception.


Lena Shkreli & Company will continue to be a fun, laid back atmosphere while enhancing your natural beauty. We are excited to get back to normal while respecting each other’s privacy.

2. Arrive on time and notify us when you arrive, you may be asked to wait in your car until your stylist is ready for you.

3. Waiting area has been removed. No children, friends, additional guests, etc will be allowed to accompany you. Only the person who has an appointment. - NO EXCEPTIONS

4. All tools, stations, counter tops, any surface area will be disinfected with hospital grade cleaner in between each client. This is normal protocol at Lena Shkreli & Company!

5. Hand sanitizer will be at every station. We ask you use it during your appointment. Clean hands are caring hands.